Why is my dog so fussy?

hungry dog

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It can be tricky when your dog refuses to eat their food, and you have a fussy pooch on your hands. We’ve got a series of helpful steps you can take, to check nothing’s wrong, and tips to have your dog licking their bowl clean in no time.

Tip 1: Get a quick health check

The first thing to do is check whether your dog is in pain when they eat. Are there any signs of toothache, joint pain or digestive problems? If you suspect that your dog is suffering at all, visit your vet as soon as possible so you can cross health issues off your list.

Tip 2: Look for fresh ingredients

What are you giving your dog to eat? The main reason dogs don’t touch their food is simply because they don’t like it. Look for alternatives such as Edgard & Cooper who use ingredients like “fresh meat” and “fresh fish” (rather than dried meat or meat meal). Fresh meat and fish has not been overprocessed and retains all of its natural goodness, including an utterly irresistible smell for dogs!

Tip 3: Don’t feed them at the table

When you give food at the table, you encourage your dog’s bad behaviour and undermine your leadership position. Human food lacks a lot of essential nutrients that your dog needs. Instead, stick to the rules and teach your dog that food will come at a fixed time and place.

Tip 4: Dogs love routine

Dogs aren’t like humans when it comes to variety – your dog will not get bored of getting the same food. On the contrary, dogs love routine! Sticking to the same diet will help keep your dog’s digestive system healthy and working well.

If you’re thinking of switching their food, introduce their new food over 4 days.

Tip 5: Exercise stimulates hunger

There are lots of ways you and your dog are similar – the more exercise you have, the hungrier you’ll be. If your dog isn’t finishing their dinner, try going for a walk, playing fetch or doing a dance around the living room. High paws if you can time it just before their mealtime!

Tip 6: Dial up the smells

Dogs have 20% fewer taste buds than humans, but their sense of smell is much stronger. If you like feeding your dog dry food, try a little bit of wet food on top. Wet food gives off a much stronger smell and is therefore more attractive for picky dogs. Just don’t forget to adjust the amount of food you give, so your dog doesn’t put on weight.

Our articles are not a replacement for face-to-face vet advice. It’s important to consult with your vet on a regular basis to raise any pet concerns that you may have.

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