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We are Paws, welcome to our world. Please excuse the fur.

Thank you for visiting our shiny new site, we love having you here. We thought now might be a good time to have a quick catch-up and fill you in on all the hard work we’ve been doing behind the scenes, and why things look different.

What’s new

The truth is, we’ve changed. We know, we know, nobody likes change, but this change is for the better.  So, let us fill you in. We are Paws, and together with Fetch, we aim to be your wellbeing destination for all things cat and dog. We’ve taken the best of two companies to make your pet parent experience the best it can be, and we’re only just getting started. Our product range is broad and varied, we have more qualified advisors than ever before, and we’ve introduced top services that we know you’ll love, trust and rely on.

Our mission statement

The Paws team are cat and dog aficionados. Our coats are covered in fur, we find rogue pet treats in our bags and there’s always a poo bag at the bottom of someone’s pocket (unused, we should clarify). We’re led by qualified experts and everything we do is driven by our in-house vet and nutritional specialists, as well as genuine animal lovers and pet owners. We believe in personalised plans, that every cat and dog is unique, so their nutrition, supplements and treatments should be tailored to them. Our services are also a new feature, including pet insurance and on-demand healthcare. Peace of mind is priceless and so having instant access to a qualified advisor with Online Vet is something we know our pet parents will want. When it comes to insurance, we compare plans from over 15 providers, making sure it’s the right fit, whatever your pet’s breed, their needs or your circumstances.

We hope to be your first port of call when it comes to your fur family, empowering you to make the best call for your cat or dog. Nothing preachy or gimmicky, just straight-up help and advice. Our digital platform makes it easy for us to offer 360 degree care for your pet, and we’re always improving and looking for new ways to be there for you.

Doing better, for the better

We’re also committed to doing better. We’re always looking for ways to step up and improve, and this includes being conscious of our impact on the planet and overlooked pets. We’re making great strides in our efforts to be more sustainable, from our packaging to how we work. We’re also immensely proud to feed lots of cats and dogs less fortunate than our pampered furries, with our charity initiative that fills pet bowls that would otherwise go unfilled.

Details, details

If you were a former Fetch customer then let us take a moment to give you the ins and outs of the practicalities. Firstly, delivery. Delivery makes all the difference, and that’s why it was a priority from day 1. You can choose Next Day, Nominated Day, Sunday or good old-fashioned Standard delivery. Pricing is competitive, with most of these options free when you spend over £45. Secondly, placing an order. To shop our new Paws site you simply need to set your password to activate your account. Minimum effort, maximum reward.

£5 notes featuring a corgi in place of the queen with confetti in the background

To celebrate all of this newness and to thank you for your loyalty, we’re giving former Fetch customers a token of our appreciation. Login to your account – like we said, you just need to set your password – and you’ll find a great offer waiting when you checkout on your next 3 orders over £20 (hint hint, you’ll save £££). Read about the small print here.

All of this may be overwhelming and we might have missed something you want to know more about, but don’t fret, we have a very friendly UK-based Customer Care team that can help, as well as a handy FAQ section where everything is explained in a no-fuss manner.

It all starts here

Shopping to do? Fancy a browse? Head to the Paws homepage.

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