Walking your dog at night

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As we embrace autumn and all of the cosy goodness that comes with it, from slower weekends and hearty dinners to bigger coats and crunchy leaves, we also have to consider the less appealing parts, like walkies when it’s really gloomy outside. Here are our simple tips to make autumn strolls as safe and as enjoyable as possible, whatever the weather.

Safe and seen

As the nights draw in and evenings get darker earlier, it’s worth taking some time to prepare for future dog walks and make them as safe as possible. When faced with less visibility, particularly in areas with more traffic and on busier streets, take precautions so you (and your pooch) stay safe and seen.

Bright lights, big city (or country)

While it may not be topping any style lists, reflective gear is essential when it comes to night walks. Not only will it help others see you, but it will help you keep a close on eye on your dog. Consider a coat, a collar or a lead that has a reflective panel, or alternatively a clip-on light or LED collar. These are particularly helpful in low-light areas.

Snug as a bug

We love a dog in a coat, and they’re an essential part of kit during this time of year. Not only do they add cute value, but they provide invaluable protection from the cold, rain showers and heavy winds. Plus, they’re snuggly. It’s worth remembering that some dogs will feel the chill more than others, particularly smaller dogs and short-hair breeds, so remember to take this into consideration if you have a petite pooch as they may need those extra layers.

Leads, leads, leads

It may sound like we’re stating the obvious, but it’s worth remembering to stay in well-illuminated areas and to keep your dog securely on a lead. It will be even harder to keep track of their whereabouts in the dark. Opting for a retractable lead will give your dog the freedom to roam, while you can stay in control of how far or fast they wander.

Don’t let the weather put you off your walkies this season, even in questionable conditions it’s worth remembering how much dogs love to be out and about, so it’s worth the muddy trainers and occasional damp jacket.

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