What do kittens need?

New kitten

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Few things are more exciting than getting a kitten, be it through kitten rescue or a reputable cat breeder. We spoke to our resident vet to note down everything you need to consider, including what to feed kittens, how to train a kitten using treats, and how kitten scratching posts can help your new feline friend (and your furniture).

Kitten welcome home checklist

Kitten food and kitten milk

As kittens have different nutritional needs to adult cats, they should be fed kitten food. When learning how much to feed a kitten, stick to the little-and-often rule and pop a placemat under their cat bowl to avoid mess. Most kittens don’t need kitten milk if they’re old enough to go to their new home.

Flea treatments for kittens

Unless the cat breeder or kitten rescue centre has already done so, your kitten should be treated for fleas and kitten worms as soon as possible. You should also consult with your vet for a health check, the necessary vaccinations, and microchipping.

Cat litter and litter tray

Learning how to litter train a kitten can be a tricky task. Choose a litter tray they can climb in and out of easily as well as cat litter that suits their need – and a litter scoop always comes in handy.

A cosy kitten bed

After bringing them home in their new cat carrier, gifting them a calm place to sleep is a vital part of looking after a kitten. Kittens need to have a space of their own, and a cosy kitten bed is the ideal choice. Diffusers can also help kittens to feel more at home.

Woman playing with her newly adopted kittens at home

A box of kitten toys

For the sake of your furniture, give them a kitten scratching post. An assortment of cat toys may help with kitten biting – cat teaser toys make for great kitten games and soft cat toys as bedtime buddies.

Treats for kitten training

When it comes to training your kitten – be it litter training or name training – kitten treats are always handy to have in your back-pocket. Just remember to reduce their kitten food for the extra calories, and not to give too many.

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