How to introduce a new cat to your family cat (or dog)

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How to introduce a new cat to your family cat (or dog)

Planning on getting a second cat but you’re unsure how to introduce a kitten to a cat? Or perhaps this will be your first cat and you want to swat up on how to introduce a cat to a dog? Look no further – as always, our resident vet is on hand to answer your queries. Introducing anew cat into a household that already has a cat or dog can be a slightly awkward endeavour – but with our expert vet advice, bringing a new cat home to another cat (or dog!) will hopefully bean easier process for all.

Swat up on bringing a cat (or dog) into a new environment.

Whether you’re moving house, bringing a kitten home, or getting a cat for the very first time, moving cats to a new home can often be a stressful experience. There are a multitude of precautions you can take to help lessen your cat’s stress, one of which being Feliway. Feliway diffusers and Feliway sprays are specialist products that are made to ease stress in cats – especially when moving home or introducing a kitten to an older cat.

Consider the effect that introducing a new cat may have on your family cat or dog

Before you introduce a new cat, be aware you might need to feed them different diets. You’ll also need a litter tray for each cat (+1 extra) placed in different locations around the house – and be sure to choose the right cat litter for each feline. Consider your cat’s age and agility when deciding where to place their bowl and litter tray. To avoid any unwanted cat visitors an electronic cat flap will come in handy, as you’ll be able to control which cats can come in or out based on their individual microchips.

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