How to create the perfect pet den

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People without a cat or dog probably don’t give too much thought to fireworks and Bonfire Night, but as a pet parent, you know just how much distress these can cause to your furry friend. Luckily, there are ways you can prepare your pet for fireworks night and offer them the perfect safe space: a pet den.

Building a pet den

1. Before you start building anything, find a quiet spot, somewhere your pet would like to curl up (preferably away from any windows!). Then, use your pet’s crate or a big cardboard box as their den. A dining table can also make a great den.

2. Now, drape a blanket or sheet over their ‘den’ to cover it. This will help muffle any loud bags and noises. Add their bed and a few extra blankets or pillows to make the inside really cosy and inviting.

3. Make their den a fun place too! Add some of their favourite toys, treats and any personal items with your scent in them (like a scarf) for an added feeling of safety.

4. Make sure your pet has access to water and, if they tend to get particularly anxious, you may want to line the den with puppy pads for any unexpected accidents.

Pheromone-based products like Adaptil and Feliway can also help when preparing for fireworks night. You may want to start using them a couple of weeks before Bonfire Night – which is also the perfect time to introduce your furry friend to their den.

Top tips

  • Remember to feed and walk your pets during the day. If your dog or cat gets scared, they may not feel like eating (let alone leaving the house!).
  • Keeping the radio or TV on can help mask the fireworks noise. Just make sure these are at a volume that your pet is happy with!
  • Your pet may want to hide, hang out in their usual space instead of their den, or look for you for comfort. Let them guide you as to what they prefer.
  • We recommend keeping your pet indoors. This is to make sure they don’t run away from home and potentially hurt themselves. And, of course, making sure they have been microchipped.
  • Last but not least, try to remain calm. There’s nothing more reassuring to your furry pal than seeing you behave as loving and present as usual.

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