Hot dog? Make these budget-friendly ice lollies

Budget ice lollies

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Now the sun’s out, our poor pooches might be feeling the heat. We suggest you treat them to a refreshing homemade ice lolly, made with easy-to-source ingredients. The best part? The method is simple to rustle up in a hurry and is flexible enough to be budget-friendly, depending on what pet-friendly fruit and veg you have in your fridge. Plus, they come Murray-approved – our chief taste-tester – and what could be more convincing than a satisfied dog?

Important note:

What you need

  • A mould or ice cube tray
  • Carrots (great for teeth cleaning when frozen)
  • Natural yoghurt (good for gut health)
  • Frozen berries (packed with anti-inflammatory properties)
  • Child-friendly smoothie pouch (great for busy pet parents, pick a no added sugar option, and be sure there are no grapes, cherries, raisins or onions in the ingredients list)
  • Find out which human food pets can’t eat here


  1. Start by combining the ingredients – go heavy on the chopped carrots and berries for texture, and lighter on the smoothie
  2. Once everything is combined, spoon the lolly mixture into moulds or an ice tray and pop into the freezer
  3. Leave for a good few hours, ideally overnight, so they can set.
  4. The result? Homemade ice lollies to cool your pooch down, packed with nutritious and natural ingredients

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