Explained: Grain free dog food and treats

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Grain-free dog food has quickly become a popular choice amongst dog owners in recent years. But is grain-free dog food the right choice for your furry friend? And what benefits does it bring?

So, what is grain free dog food?

In short, grain-free dog food contains no cereal grains – i.e. wheat, rice, maize, corn. Many believe this to be the more natural dog food option. After all, our dog’s ancestors are more likely to have hunted live prey than feasted in a field of wheat.

Is grain free dog food also carbohydrate free?

A common misconception about grain-free dog food is that it is carbohydrate-free, too – but this isn’t the case. In the absence of cereal grains, other carbs – e.g. potatoes, legumes, tapioca – are used to create a complete dog food. As these substituted carbs are often in higher quantities than cereal grains, grain-free dog food may not be the right choice for your pooch if they require a low-carb diet. Grain-free kibble is a prime example of grain-free dog food being notably high in carbs, as it requires a dough-like binder to hold everything together.

What are the different types of grain free dog food?

Grain-free puppy food: there aren’t a lot of grain-free options available when it comes to puppy food, as a high protein diet can be damaging to a puppy’s digestive system. This means that some brands only offer grain-free dog food for adult dogs. Luckily, James Wellbeloved grain-free dog food is specially formulated for different life stages and offers all the necessary nutrients for feeding puppies, junior dogs, adult dogs, and senior dogs. It’s best to check with your vet before opting for a grain-free puppy food.

Grain-free wet dog food: if you’re looking for a high-protein dry alternative for your pooch, Forthglade grain-free dog food is a great option; their Just Chicken, Just Beef, Just Lamb, and Just Duck meals go down an absolute treat. Alternatively, all of Harringtons and Canine Choice dog food recipes are filled to the brim with 100% natural ingredients.

Grain-free dog treats: whether you’re wanting to match your dog’s grain-free diet or you’ve opted to only go grain-free when it comes to dog biscuits, there are plenty of tasty grain-free dog treats available for your pooch. Fortunately, you don’t have to move away from your favourite brands – James Wellbeloved, Lily’s Kitchen, Forthglade, Edgard & Cooper – as more and more dog treats are going grain-free.

Our articles are not a replacement for face-to-face vet advice. It’s important to consult with your vet on a regular basis to raise any pet concerns that you may have.

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