The best dog coat for every season

Dog in coat

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Our picks of practical and stylish dog coats for any season.

Walking your dog in the rain and worried they’ll catch a cold? In need of a jacket that will help soothe their anxiety? Or looking for a cooling coat to bring out during the warmer months? No matter the reason for your dog coat quest, our (super) stylish collection will keep your dog dry and dapper.

Best for everyday walks

Once you’re equipped with your dog walking essentials – including the best dog harnesses and best dog leads for dark nights – take a nosey at our stylish, weatherproof dog coats. We love this waterproof (and sustainable) Weatherbeeta jacket with a wrap around freedom front and a touch tape closure. And if a dog coat isn’t quite right? Our dog fleeces and jumpers are sure to suit – this supersoft fleece will keep them feeling cosy and looking cute.

Best for keeping your dog warm & dry

Keep them toasty, while looking super cool, in this Ruffwear option that can also be layered under coats for extra warmth. Worried they’ll get cold around their ears? This Dino scarf will add warmth and cute factor. Our range of warm and waterproof coats will enable you to explore the best dog walks near you without running the risk of your dog catching a cold. Has the temperature dropped at night when you plan on walking the dog? Don’t fret – we even have a reflective dog coat, so they stay visible in the dark.

Best for keeping your dog cool on warm, summer days

Dog winter coats may be more common, but cooling dog coats also exist. These come in handy when you’re planning summer activities, summer dog walks, and any dog-friendly holidays. Although these are a great addition to their dog coat wardrobe, remember to equip yourself with other dog cooling essentials – we’re talking water bottles, bowls, toys and even temperature controlled dog beds. Used together, your dog can beat the heat and enjoy a whole host of outdoor dog games fuss-free. Winner.

Best for reducing your dog’s anxiety during firework season, while travelling and more

Anxiety dog jackets are great for helping to soothe and calm your dog in situations they find stressful. If your dog is nervous when they’re home alone or during an unsettling event such as thunderstorms, fit them with a coat like the Thundershirt jacket. The Thundershirt applies gentle pressure, a bit like a weighted blanket or swaddling a baby, that has proven to have a calming effect.

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