Dog and cat grooming

Dog grooming

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Creating an at-home pet parlour has never been easier than with our line-up of grooming tools. Go on, you know they’re worth it…

Best for dog grooming

You don’t have to take your pooch to a groomer to get salon quality fur. Just pick up a dog brush, offer them their favourite treat, and turn on your inner stylist. Sort out those tangles with the Tropiclean Tangle Remover, or take a softer approach with the Wahl Slicker Brush. For large dogs with short coats, the FURMinator is a must-have for leaving that coat at its softest and shiniest.

Best for cat grooming

If you live with a cat, you’re sure to find stray hairs hiding around every corner. That, is unless you stock up on the cat-version of the FURMinator brush first. Some cats can be fiercely independent though, and products like the Catit self-groomer are the perfect solution for a little DIY primping. We’re sure they won’t mind the massaging power of a soothing brush like Wahl’s Small Nylon Slicker Brush though.

cat grooming

Best for bath time

That sad face at bath time might be a little tough to overcome but, as all good pet parents know, it’s a necessary part of ownership. However, Beaphar bio shampoo and conditioner will help cut down on the amount of lather, rinses and repeats. For tiny messes and muddy paws, a good wipe down with Tropiclean Deep-Cleaning Wipes can help. And if all your pooch needs is a quick spritz to get rid of that less-than-fresh smell, this Hownd Body Mist will do it.

Best for trimming

Next up on the list of things your dog would rather you forget to do – nail trimming. This small set of Mikki clippers should get you started. Another alternative for smoothing and shaping the nails is this Wahl Electric Pet Nail Grinder. Top that off with a quick buzz from the Wahl Super Groom clippers and your pet will be ready to bring their catwalk to the dog walk.

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