Christmas gift ideas for your pal

Christmas gifts for dogs

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I’m on the nice list.

’Tis the season to find the best presents for the best pets.

Whether they’re furry or fur-less, big or small, your little pal deserves to be spoiled with Christmas presents too. Here’s our guide to top festive gifts for all kinds of pets.

Gifts for dogs

Baby, it’s cold outside – keep your good boy or girl wrapped up warm with a snuggle blanket. They can even have their own Christmas feast with a treat (or two) from The Barking Bakery. When you’re too stuffed to move after dinner, your bff can keep themselves entertained by nibbling on a toy.

Top tip: Upgrade their bed for the cosiest of post-snack naps.

Gifts for cats

Let’s face it, big gifts just aren’t for felines. We all know they’re just going to ignore the gift and sit in the box anyway. In the spirit of keeping the gifts small, we present you with a jolly bunch of Yeowww Catnip Bananas – they’ll be entertained for hours and, if you have an anxious cat, the catnip will help them relax. Toss a KONG Yarnimals Cat Toy their way and watch as they pounce and capture a Christmas-themed mouse or Santa. Now, you’ll need something to distract them while you tuck into your festive feast – this selection of turkey favourites will let them have their own banquet (we can’t guarantee they won’t wander over and yell at you for some of your food though; the poor, starving dears).

Pet tech

Fancy yourself a tech-savvy pet parent? You’ll get a kick out of the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder (added bonus: it also feeds your cat). Or take it up a notch with the app-controlled portioned version with built-in scales. Now that’s clever.

Merry Christmouse! (See what we did there?)

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