Christmas at home

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A season packed with parties, gatherings and guests, Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but those cosy in-between days at home are just the tonic to all the hustle and bustle. Discover how to make the most of your time indoors with your pet with these helpful tips.

Cosy comes first

Christmas means finding a spot on the sofa, picking your warmest blanket and enjoying a cup of tea (and perhaps something sweet) with your furry favourite beside you. Festive specials, baking shows or a classic film – it’s all justified at Christmas. Make this the time you take a step back, wind down and appreciate every small moment of magic. Pup-corn optional.

Did someone say treats?

If you have a pet, you’ll already be familiar with the burst of excitement and uncontained joy on their face when you crack open a bag of treats. Take the experience up a notch, choose a bag of treats to remember and organise a mini scavenger hunt for your furry friend (extra points if you choose festive snacks). Simply dot the snacks around the house and watch as your pet sniffs their way to every delicious bite. Remember to make the pieces small enough to avoid overfeeding.

Pass the shampoo

We all like looking our best, especially at Christmas. A dedicated pamper session can be such a pleasure, particularly if you create a calm, relaxing environment that you and your pet can enjoy. Grooming is also beneficial for your pet, removing dirt, tangled and dead fur, and also giving you the opportunity to check for fleas and lumps, promoting overall wellbeing. It’s also a great bonding exercise, giving you quality time with your best friend. Take some time to brush their coat until it’s glossy, clip their claws (carefully) and make sure their eyes and ears are sparkling clean. By the end of your spa session, they’ll not only look and smell better, but will feel extra special and cared for.

Not a board game in sight

No pet is going to say no to a good play session, not only is it fun and a good way of adding some gentle exercise, but it’s also great for bonding. If you fancy pushing the boat out, why not teach your furry pal a new trick? Whatever age your pet is, they’ll love learning something new and being stimulated. Start by teaching them some commands (or brushing up on the skill if they already know the basics), try the classics, from ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ to ‘come’. If you need a helping hand, there’s a number of (very informative) tutorials online that take you through the process slowly, step-by-step, because who doesn’t want a dog that can shake hands?!

Make this Christmas break an opportunity to spend some quality time with your pets (and humans, we suppose), doing things you wouldn’t usually have time to do, whether that’s extra treats, extra cuddles or a few festive surprises.

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