Blue Monday? Not with pets!

Happy pet owners

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Whether it’s their impromptu bursts of energy, their waggy tails or their reassuring purrs, we need no convincing that pets make our lives happier and infinitely better. As January goes on (and on), we thought we’d take a moment to focus on the good, and appreciate the positive influence of our fur friends.

One of us

Pets are well and truly part of the family, and so we were thrilled that in research carried out by MedicAnimal, around 98% of dog owners and 96% of cat owners agree that their pet is a member of the family. If they have a space on the sofa, and they have their own food bowl, they’re definitely part of the fold.

Dog people are good people

Dog walks are surely one of the biggest pulls when it comes to getting your very own woofer, encouraging daily exercise and giving us a great excuse to make friends at the park. We’re not alone in our thinking, with 84% of dog owners agreeing that having a dog helps them have more positive relationships with people. This can apply to areas of our life beyond chitchat with other dog owners, creating a bond between us and other people who care for the furry one, as well as helping us be more patient with our nearest and dearest.

Think happy thoughts

As well as supporting our physical health with daily walks (dogs) and daily hide and seek sessions (cats), it’s worth noting that pets are also great for our overall wellbeing. Around 73% of people strongly believe their dog is good for their mental health. Furry cuddles and appreciation for the smallest of tasks? It’s no surprise dogs make us feel so good about ourselves.

Cuddle support

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that pets have true super powers when it comes to making us feel better. During times of uncertainty or moments of isolations and loneliness, they support us and keep us sane. 62% of people view their dog as a source of emotional support, and it’s no surprise to us, with their playful demeanor and easily satisfied disposition. On the same note, 78% of people believed their cat intuitively understood how they were feeling. See – super powers!

‘Why yes, I do have a pet’

Our pets help us take on the world, not only keeping us calm and playful, but also helping us feel more confident in social situations. 64% of people said they feel more confident meeting new people if their dog is present, and we can see why. Not only can you talk about their quirky personality traits but if all else fails, breed chat is always a big hit. For cat owners, we don’t think socialising is helped a great deal, but we are sure they make people more content, with 86% of people believing that owning a cat had made them a happier person.

So, despite the weather being on the gloomy side, and January seemingly going on forever, take a moment to remind yourself just how lucky you are to have your four-legged friend, offering love and affection in endless supply.

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