Birthday present ideas for cats

birthday cat

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Want to celebrate your cat’s special day but at a loss for birthday present ideas? Simply select your cat’s personality type – or think of that cat lady (or man) in your life – and we’ll help you pick out the perfect gift. Trust us, they’ll be feline like a million dollars in no time.

Best Gifts For Foodies

Just like us humans, some cats eat to live – whilst others (both humans and cats) live to eat. If your feline friend is an out-and-proud foodie, birthday gift ideas are a piece of cake. Stock up on their favourite cat food, be that wet cat food or dry cat food; surprise them with a new recipe, such as natural or grain free; fill their treat jar with the best cat treats; or try your hand at homemade cat treats. All that’s left is to refill their cat bowl and watch as they lose themselves in foodie paradise.

Top tip: Upgrade their bed for the cosiest of post-snack naps.

Best Gifts For Party Animals

If catnip is the way to your cat’s heart, you’ve come to the right place. Be it catnip toys or a catnip treat, our euphoric buys are sure to get your kitten purring. If you’d rather they stay off the catnip but still want to please their playful side, our selection of the best cat toys make for (p)awesome birthday present ideas. We’re talking teaser toys, soft toys, chase toys and even a few kitten toys for your littl’un.

On a budget? Magic up a makeshift cat tunnel from used cardboard boxes.

If you’re anything like us, your cat can be better dressed – and groomed – than you most days. From cool cat collars to the best grooming products, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to birthday gifts for her (or him). It’s no secret that felines are true style icons. From pampering must-haves and super stylish beds to the latest in pet tech – and even the best cat litter – cats are trendsetters, not trendfollowers. So what better birthday present ideas for your feline friend? Hey, you know they’re worth it.

Remember: You can never be overdressed – and the same applies to your kitten.

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