Beyond the bowl: the charities we donate to

Young adult woman working and playing with adorable dog in animal shelter

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Pets bring so much joy to our lives, but unfortunately not every animal experiences the love and warmth of a family home and a full bowl of nutritious food. Our commitment to supporting all cats and dogs is unwavering, and so it’s always been a priority for us to give back to pets in need.

Throughout the year we donate food to charities and sanctuaries that care for animals, helping them fill the bowls of cats and dogs that deserve hearty meals and a little extra TLC.

The charities we work with

All Dogs Matter
A rescue and rehoming charity that woks in and around London, the good people at All Dogs Matter work with individuals and organisations to rehabilitate and rehome dogs in need. Rescued from local authority pounds and from owners who no longer can or want to keep them, every dog is looked after.

Folly Wildlife Rescue
Committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of injured, orphaned and distressed wild animals and birds, Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust is a charity that relies entirely on public donations, grants, legacies and fundraising activities. They work tirelessly to treat animals, educate people and encourage a respect and appreciation for  wildlife.

Forest Dog Rescue
Offering a safe haven to unwanted, abandoned and mistreated dogs, Forest Dog Rescue have their own kennels. This allows them to provide the highest quality of care for dogs who are looking for their forever home, as well as long term dogs that are part of the Forest Dog Rescue family.


Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre
A non-profit that cares for abandoned, abused and unwanted animals, the mission at Freshfields is to provide emergency care for animals in peril. Their vision is for a world where all animals are protected, with the hope they’ll inspire people to protect the natural environment too.

Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary
Based in Wythall, West Midlands, this not for profit sanctuary provides much needed rescue space to all types of animals, large and small. They work to rehabilitate and nurture animals, whatever their age or history, until they can find their forever home.

Holbrook animal rescue
This family-run rescue was founded 26 years ago, with the goal to help abandoned dogs and cats. Encouraging their animals to run free and play in the open fields, Holbrook cares for rehabilitation dogs, restoring their health and addressing behavioural issues through therapy and training, helping them to trust again.

Lincs Ark Animal Welfare
Self-funded and run by dedicated, unpaid volunteers, Lincs Ark helps over 200 kittens, cats and rabbits each year. They care for, rescue and help to rehome every animal, with every bit of funding going directly to the care and wellbeing of the animals.

Lozzas Lurcher Rescue
Based in Hertfordshire and working as an animal partner with Battersea Dogs Home, Loazza’s Lurcher Rescue gently cares for, and nurtures, dogs in need (particularly lurchers) who would otherwise be unnecessarily put down.

Romney House Cat Rescue
A sanctuary for cats that need a second chance, this rescue is run from a secluded back garden and provides warm, comfy beds for cats without their own. Operating since 1998, every rescue cat is nurtured and cared for until they are ready for their new home.

Safe Rescue For Dogs
Helping dogs find their forever homes, Safe Rescue is a nationwide effort that takes in and rehomes dogs from the UK and abroad. Every effort is made to match dogs with adopters, creating harmonious, settled environments for all involved.

Second Chance Animal Rescue
Promoting good animal welfare and responsible pet ownership, Second Chance is supported by volunteers that rescue, rehabilitate and rehome ill-treated or abandoned animals. If any animal can’t be rehomed, Second Chance give them a forever home at their sanctuary.

Stourbridge RSPCA
Working to rehome rescued cats and other small animals across Stourbridge and surrounding areas, this cause is supported by dedicated volunteers, with all cats, rabbits and guinea pigs in their care looked after by volunteer fosterers.

the retreat

The Retreat Animal Sanctuary
Working to rescue and rehome all types of animals, The Retreat also work hard to educate people about the commitment every animal needs. Every animal is given the time, veterinary care and love they need to recover, and if rehoming isn’t an option, they will be cared for by The Retreat for the rest of their lives.

Whitby Wildlife
Rescuing over 600 wild animals every year, Whitby Wildlife is supported by a dedicated team of volunteers, looking after animals in need of care and medical attention, as well as offering residence and rehabilitation to other animals.


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