Best dog toys for your dog’s personality

Adorable golden retriever

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Does your dog value their sleep over anything else? Would they do anything for a bag of treats? Are they constantly in ‘play’ mode? No need to avoid those puppy dog eyes any longer – we’ve picked out the very best dog toys to suit their particular pet persona.

Best throw toys for energetic dogs

Can’t sit still, full of enthusiasm, a non-stop chatterbox – sound like your dog? If it’s a yes then boy, do we have the perfect throw dog toys for them. Throw and fetch toys are some of the best dog toys for labradors that need to lose weight as well as for when you’re exploring the best dog walks near you. Had to take a rain check? Start a game of chase, play fetch, or challenge your pooch to 1-a-side football – trust us, they’ll curl up in their dog bed for the greatest night’s sleep after.

Best plush dog toys for sleepy dogs

If your pup is a real homebody, the best dog toy that you can gift them is a soft, cuddly one. From endless hours of fun in the day to snuggling up in their dog bed at night, there’s nothing better than a playmate that doubles up as a bedtime buddy. They’re the best dog toys for small dogs after a big walk as well as puppers who just can’t sleep without their cuddly toy. Your four-legged friend can carry their new best friend from place to place, start a good-old fashioned game of tug-of-war, or simply snuggle up next to them after a long, hard day of being a dog – the choice is theirs!

Best durable dog toys for strong dogs

We all know a dog that’s a little rough and tumble. The one that tries to play tug-of-war with a tea towel while you’re doing the washing up. Although indestructible chew toys for dogs don’t actually exist, durable dog toys should hold up against your dog’s teeth. From long-lasting rope toys to more powerful pooches that need mega tough toys, we’ve got the best durable dog toys for your dog to sink their teeth into.

Best toys for cheeky dogs

Would you describe your dog as a cheeky chappy? Do they love to throw their toys from room to room? On a serious hunt for your dog’s new best friend? Fret not – we’ve got a collection of the very best dog toys to suit.

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