Best cat treats

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On the hunt for paw-lickingly good cat treats? Look no further. From celebrating your cat’s birthday to caring for your kitten, we’ve put together a list of our favourite cat snacks that your four-legged friend will love. Cat need to lose a few pounds? Don’t fret – we’ve got healthy snacks for cats, too.

Healthy cat treats

Just like us humans, your feline friend likely has a sweet tooth. Instead of cutting out their cat treats entirely, swap their snacks out for healthier alternatives – i.e. those that are high in value and quality. They work as the perfect treats to aid your cat’s weight loss.

Cat dental treats

Freshen your cat’s breath, prevent dental plaque, and get rid of unwanted tartar – and spoil your kitty with a tasty dental cat treat whilst you’re at it. What a perfect way to take care of your cat’s oral health.

Hairball remedy treats

Alongside frequent grooming, you can prevent hairballs by feeding your feline friend these handy cat treats. Approved by vets, they improve the digestion of swallowed fur to stop those pesky hairballs.

Kitten treats

Even our younger cat chums need a treat every once in a while. Make sure that you’re feeding them the best kitten treats – i.e. those suited to their growing digestive system.

Catnip treats

Want to treat your furry friend to something extra special? Catnip treats, step forward. Filled to the brim with tasty catnip, your cat will be on their feet and bouncing off the walls (hopefully not literally). Brush up on your catnip facts with our resident vet.

Cat training treats

Need a reward for your cat’s good behaviour? Teaching them a new skill, such as litter training? These cat treats are the way to go. And the hidden bonus? They can double up as a tool to disguise your cat’s medication, too.

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