Best cat toys

Playful young gray shorthair cat

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Keep your kitty entertained for hours with our collection of playful toys. Admit it, watching your cat play with toys is endlessly entertaining. But there are key benefits for your moggie, too. Playtime gets that energy out that indoor cats don’t use up by patrolling their territory. It provides all kitties with mental stimulation, physical exertion and, if you choose a toy that involves you, strengthens your bond.

Kitten & soft toys

Soft toys are a great choice for kittens to get their territorial attention. Smaller, stuffed toys can be treated like prey: your cat can stalk, pounce, ‘kill’, and carry their prize around. Little Petface Mouse Bell Kitten Toy is the perfect choice for your little hunter.

If they’re teething, and you’d prefer they test their new gnashers out on toys instead of you, Peter the Mouse Cat Toy is heavy duty enough for them to chew on, as well as kick about.

Catnip toys

Toys filled with catnip, like Petface Freddie Fox Cat Toy and Yeowww Catnip Bananas Cat Toy, can reduce stress in anxious cats. If yours prefers naps to strutting around, then catnip can encourage them to move around a touch more through play.

Catnip toys can also help some cats overcome boredom, particularly if they’re kept indoors or don’t want to go outside during the wetter months.

Chase & teaser toys

It doesn’t have to be a traditional toy to grab your cat’s attention – from laser beams to peek-a-boo toys, pop chase or teaser toys in front of them and watch as they lose themselves in the magic.

The Acorn Teaser Cat Toy teases out your cat’s natural hunting instincts. Attention-grabbing feathers and bells, and durable elastic to withstand your kitty’s claws, it gives them hours of fun. Test your cat’s hunting skills with the Catit Senses Super Roller Circuit Cat Toy. It encourages them to play with their feline siblings and keeps them entertained all day long.


Prey on their natural hunting instincts with our treat toys. Not only will they keep your kitty’s mind stimulated whilst playing indoors, they’ll be rewarded with a tasty treat at the end.

KONG Tippin’ Treat and Catit 2.0 Food Tree Cat Treat Toy get them to work harder than usual to get to the noms, while providing a fun outlet for all their pent up energy. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a reward for their efforts?

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