Autumn dog walking essentials

Beagle dog outdoors against scenic nature

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As the days get shorter and the evenings darker, walking your four-legged friend might start to become more challenging. Keep your pooch safe, secure, and seen in the dark with our collection of light-up dog collars, reflective harnesses and other light-up walking accessories.


Light-up collars are a great way to easily keep an eye on where your dogs are during evening walks, as well as let cyclists and runners know to avoid them. They’re the perfect option for dogs who either like to explore a bit away from you, or are well trained enough to walk off-lead for a bit.

autumn pooch


If your dog needs more robust control than a collar, then the Hurtta Lifeguard Dazzle Dog Harness offers just that. It also has the benefit of fluorescent lettering and reflective stripes – great for roadside walks so that motorists’ and cyclists’ lights can easily see your pet.


Now that you’ve figured out which collar or harness to go for, which lead should you use? You’ll want something that’s reflective from top to bottom for added peace of mind.

Flexi Neon Reflective Tape Lead has been specifically designed to make sure your pooch stands out in the dark. It reflects and the handle is sturdy for a more comfortable grip – especially handy for those pets that haven’t quite mastered loose-lead walking. The clip securely attaches to the collar or harness and the tough-weaved nylon has been cross stitched for added durability.


Detachable lights are small, portable and can even be used by yourself if you fancy it (early morning or nighttime jog, anyone?).  Trixie LED Flashing Tags signal both you and your dog’s presence to traffic and pedestrians in darker settings. They’re easy to attach to a collar or your coat, and work well in rainy, cold weather – excellent for British winters!

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