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New pet

Welcoming your new puppy or kitten

Many people choose spring to welcome a new puppy or kitten to the family, so whether your new arrival is imminent or you’re considering a

Fun in the sun

Fun in the sun

Spring is in full bloom and summer is only a bone’s throw away, giving us the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with our pets.


Pancake recipe for dogs

Hands down the best Tuesday of the year, Pancake Day makes everything that bit flipping better. Whether you make yourself a stack every year or

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Pet Wellbeing

Understanding food labels

Reading pet food labels

A brief guide on navigating your way around the information provided on pet food labelling

Digestion supplements

Digestive Supplements

An overview of the role of digestive supplements in your pet’s diet Bacteria is often


Hydrated pets

How to keep your pet hydrated

The summer months are our favourite, from warmer days and lighter evenings, to the reduced risk of muddy pawprints through the house. But as the

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