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Dog quietly lying on couch

Dementia in pets and how to treat it

It’s natural for dogs and cats to slow down as they get older, but sometimes certain behaviours can seem downright out of character. While pets

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Pet Wellbeing

Daily walk

The joys of dog walking

There’s nothing better than a dog walk when the sun is shining and the climate

Happy pet owners
Blue Monday

Blue Monday? Not with pets!

Whether it’s their impromptu bursts of energy, their waggy tails or their reassuring purrs, we


Neutered cat

The advantages of neutering your cat

A routine operation, neutering is performed by a vet to remove a cat’s sex organs, ensuring your cat is unable to reproduce. The procedure also

Checking young male Maine Coons teeth health.

Dental guide for cats and dogs

Many pets experience dental problems. As one of the most common health issues facing both cats and dogs, it’s really important to look after their

Dog in coat
Dog coats

The best dog coat for every season

Our picks of practical and stylish dog coats for any season. Walking your dog in the rain and worried they’ll catch a cold? In need

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