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Birthday pooch

Easy homemade dog cake recipe

Their birthday presents are wrapped, the decorations are up, and the RSVPs have been counted. All that’s left on your pooch party to-do list is

cat bowl
Cat diet

Dry cat food: explained

Dry cat food is a popular choice amongst cat owners thanks to its longer shelf-life. Available in different shapes and sizes, cat kibble caters for

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Pet Wellbeing

Border Collie

Dog poo: a vet’s guide

Everybody poos – dogs included. But what does a healthy dog poo look like? What



Brexit & pet travel

Planning to travel with your pet? Not sure if you need a new pet passport now that we’ve left the EU? Our resident vet takes

Older dogs in a row eating their food at the school

Vet advice: senior dog food

How to change a dog’s diet is one of the most common pet queries, especially when it comes to older pooches. What? When? How? These